Please be patient with me  while I reconstruct this site to fully represent my current work, which  means consigning many of my original posts to history and replacing them with new images and may take me some time.  I have been a professional  artist for over twenty years, a muralist and illustrator and a specialist in equine art with clients and  exhibitions both Nationally and  Internationally. However, my mural and illustration work  is on the back burner at the moment.

I have a passion for the moving form and  specialise in watercolour, the immediacy of which, lends itself perfectly to the depiction of movement. Days spent sketching and painting racehorses on the gallops of one of Kent major racing stables gave me the ideal opportunity to develop my obsession.

My work over the last two years  grew out of these equine studies and focusses on the human form in movement and in particular the field of contemporary dance.

I am experimenting with the possibilities of oil paint as a medium for this study and whether I can recreate the vigour and fluidity inherent in watercolour.  Shown here are some of the results of my experiments,  original pieces available to purchase as well as some from which I have made a range of Limited Edition Fine Arts Prints.

I am still completely immersed in this new world, with the help of some wonderful  contemporary dancers who have worked with me over these months, in particular during this summer of Lockdown,  when we have all had to resort to solo activities and been  restricted to the “virtual” world.  This itself has lead to some interesting artistic possibilities which I am getting to grips with and hope to feature here…. as an when…

An on-line exhibition with a major National Dance Company is in the offing which goes a long way to compensate for the cancellation of two exhibitions.

However, if you have an exciting commission up your sleeve I could possibly  be enticed out of my self-indulgent fascination with the world of dance so do get in touch and you can still see some of my mural, equine  and illustration work  on my Instagram pages at jeannieclarkeartist .

best wishes

Jeannie Clarke – September 2020