from the sketchbook…

I am hugely privileged to spend my hours attempting to capture the magic of working with dancers. My sketchbook is a very important tool in this process. Sometimes my annotated drawings and notes from the dance sessions are worked up into a large canvas but before this happens I will make numerous colour studies which will inform the final painting, in fact determine whether it becomes a canvas or not.

The aim throughout being to retain the energy and beauty unfolding in front of me in the rehearsal room. Everything which is happening seems to need to be captured and so my pages will be full of choreographers prompts and observations as well as simply rhythmical waves and patterns of penwork. I may be able to snatch some photographs to record some colour and light effects which will all go into the melting pot and may contribute to developing a more detailed watercolour study.

I am delighted to make many of these annotated watercolour studies available to purchase and I am including a selection on here… They are part of “the story” and have a life of their own whether or not they become part of something on a grand scale!

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